Monday, June 2, 2014

ORA-01017: invalid username/password issue when clicked on Database lookup in ODC

Problem Description: When the user clicks in Database Lookup button in Oracle Document Capture it throws “Invalid username and password” error.

Below is the error.

Problem Solution: This problem is occurring due to wrong ODC database credentials. Below are the steps to be followed to resolve this issue.
1.      Open the Oracle Document Capture click on “Admin” then “File Cabinet”.

2.      After clicking on File Cabinet, Expand each profile and goto Database Lookups and then click on Configure button. For example in the below screen shot we have 2 profiles INVSupplemental and Supplier Documents with Database Lookups, click on the profile names ( Example: Invoice_Suppliers and Suppliers).Then click on “Configure” button on the right side bottom.

3.      Provide the valid Database credentials like Data Source name, Username and Password, and then click on Test Connection, if the Username and Password is valid “Connection Successful” message is displayed.

4.      We need to close the ODC completely and again open it to apply the changes made.

5.      Now if the user clicks on Database lookup button in Oracle Document Capture no error is displayed. 

Thanks to Shakeel Shaikh for today's article!

Have a good day all!

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