Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Troubleshooting and Installation of WebCenter Sites 11gr1

David Parry & Tom Smith from Perficient teamed up with me to work through an installation of Oracle's first branded release of WebCenter Sites.

There are a number of key new features, but we don't go over any in this walkthrough. Perhaps we, or others, can join together to work through sample scenarios? I believe working like this is a great way to jumpstart the open community that Oracle embraces.

I've created a Vimeo Group for WebCenter Sites videos. Feel free to contribute!

Here's the official release notification from Oracle:


We really focus on everything before that point. After all, what good is knowing the product if you can't install it :)

Here's the video, no marketing, no company pitches, just teamwork:


Keep in mind that this was a remote screen capture via google hangout. The quality isn't 100% (or 90%), but the key points are made. Next time, extra steps will be taken to improve capture quality.

Here's to collaboration!

Monday, May 14, 2012

WCContent: Adding WebCenter Content to IE Quick Search

1. Go to the Admin Server

2. Open the Advanced Component Manager

3. Update the installed & enabled DesktopIntegrationSuite Component

4. Check the box for "Enable web browser search plug-in"

5. Click Update

6. Restart Content Server

7. Log into Content Server

8. Navigate to "My Content Server" --> "My Downloads"

9. Click on "Add browser search"
                a. pick the version of your running browser

10. Verify that the search provider was added correctly

11. Test!
            a. Notice that the search provider updates the quick search text field as well!


WebCenter Sites 11gr1 Jumpstart kit -- Available!

Hey all,

The WebCenter Sites 11gr1 Jumpstart Kit is available!

You can find it under Patch number 14060594


WebTier PS5 -- Now a full installer!

Quick update everyone,

FYI, the WebTier binary is a full installer.

The previous few patch releases required as a base installation, then an upgrade to the current release.

No longer the case!