Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hey! Check It Out… or Not? Removing the Checkout Link on the Document Information Page with Profiles

Hey all, 

Below is a fun code trick from William Phelps. Better bookmark this, because it's a good one!

One request that comes up from time to time is a need to remove the checkout link (or 
other functional links) from the document information page.

In the first image in the following screen print, there is a “check out” link. However, the 
desire is to remove the link as shown in the second image.

Typically, most implementers say that a customization is necessary. However, a 
relatively simple profile rule can be created to accomplish the same thing.

If the result set name that holds the link generation data is known, it’s easy to loop 
over the result set and pick off the entry. Adding “IsPageDebug=1” to the URL of the 
document information page, and looking at the data in the final page binder section is 
an easy way to get this information. 

This article assumes that the reader has a basic working knowledge of how to create 
content profiles in Content Server, and a decent understanding of Idoc Script. For this 
article, a global rule is being created, but it could easily be adapted to only fire for 
specific profiles.

• Create a global rule with activation conditions of “OnRequest” and “Info” as 

• Clicking on the “Edit” button on the “General” tab next to the rule activation 
section, and then on the “Side Effects” tab, enter the following code in the 
custom code box as shown. 

(In the code below, the Idoc function “setResourceInclude” is leveraged to 
dynamically rewrite existing server code that normally would require a 
component customization.)

 <$loop PageMenusData$>  
  <$if PageMenusData.nodeId like \"checkout\"$>  
  <$exec rsDeleteRow(\"PageMenusData\")$>  

• This same technique could be used on other pages as long as the profile engine 
is invoked as part of the service execution. A good example would be 
selectively removing links on a search results page.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to review this. We hope it saves you the need for a custom component.. or two!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep Current! - WebCenter Patches as of 2014/06/03

Hey all, 

In an effort to help everyone stay current, we're going to post some preferred patches on a regular schedule. This way, you'll have a single place to find all of the updated cumulative patches (MLRs, ARUs, Bundle Patches, etc) for the month.

Please be sure to let me know if there's any other patches that should be included on this list. The current format has the support recommended installs in bold & underlined, but there are some other nice-to-know patches included as well. These nice-to-know patches may not be necessary for your particular installation.

The formatting may change over time, but hopefully this is helpful!

** As always, please be sure to do your own due diligence before applying any patch. This list is for reference only.

Oracle Patches[1]

·       14538406 – 2012/09/17 – ODC Patch 4 for (cumulative)
·       16312671 - 2013/02/15 – CPUAPR2013 Oracle Document Capture (ActiveX IE killbit to prevent certain ActiveX controls; verify before installing!)
WEC (Capture 11g)
·       18382041 – 2014/04/15 – Cumulative Capture Patch NUMBER 4
·       13882540 – 2012/04 – Critical Patch Update
·       13548500 – 2011/12/30 – Registry fix for searching for vendors with identical addresses
·       11813845 – 2011/02 - OFR Patch 1 (not cumulative)
·       12692984 – 2011/06 – OFR Patch 2 (not cumulative)
·       12372094 – 2011/04/27 – (updated ODC macros)

WebCenter Content Patches

· (ADF UI)
o    18794093 –  2014/05 – WCCADFUI cumulative patch NUMBER 2
o    18503310–  2014/04 –Fix the ADF UI Issues on WCC
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o    18448219 – 2014/04 – MLR05
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o    18423641– 2014/04 - MLR05
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o    17925241 – 2014/02 – MLR18
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o   17649006 – Error on processing scheduled event: NOTIFICATIONOFEXPIRATION

WebCenter Content Imaging Patches
o    18498799 – 2014/04/15 - CUMULATIVE IPM/AXF PATCH NUMBER 5
o    18605006 – 2014/04/15 - CUMULATIVE IPMREPOSITORY PATCH NUMBER 2
o    18557177 – 2014/04/21 - CUMULATIVE IPM/AXF PATCH NUMBER 12
o    17056936 – 2013/07/21 - CUMULATIVE EBS PATCH NUMBER 1
o    16403418 – 2013/03/12 - CUMULATIVE FUSION APPS PATCH NUMBER 1
o    18629185 – 2014/04/21 - CUMULATIVE IPMREPOSITORY PATCH NUMBER 3
o    18694194 – 2014/05/01 - CUMULATIVE IPM/AXF PATCH NUMBER 28
o    17057174 – 2013/07/05 - CUMULATIVE EBS PATCH NUMBER 5
o    16547732 – 2013/03/29 - CUMULATIVE FUSION APPS PATCH NUMBER 4
o    18336884 – 2014/03/03 - CUMULATIVE IPMREPOSITORY PATCH #4
BAM Patches
·       (No cumulative patch threads could be found, but many one-off patches exist)

·       (nine new one-off patches since last month)
·       14491485
o    Bug #14491485

SOA Manager Patches
·       (Note that there are many one-off patches available)

o    18072286 – 2014/04/15 – Bundle Patch
o    17584181 – 2013/10/31 – Bundle Patch (Use this if using the Imaging Solution)
o    18106242 – HOTFIX for BUG: Custom view works but fails on edit after fix for bug 18025182
o    16702086 – 2013/11/05 – Bundle Patch

** Note that there are multiple “merge request” patches per SOA release; they do not appear to be cumulative; please research and download as applicable for your version
WLS Patches
·       10.3.6
o    18040640– TSF1 - 2014/04/15 – WLS Patch Set Update
* Note that WLS has many one-off patches and “merge request” patches; please research and download as applicable for your version
WebCenter Portal

o    18085041 – 2014/04/15 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    Upcoming – 2014/07/15 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    16761779 – 2013/07/23 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    16269470 – 2013/07/23 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    14823234 – 2013/07/23 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch

o    17328920 – 2013/09/25 – Content Presenter throws stuck thread and OOM when UCM returns many profiles

** Note that there are many one-off and “merge request” patches per Portal release; they do not appear to be cumulative; please research and download as applicable for your version

[1] http://support.oracle.com *requires a valid support agreement to download patches

Monday, June 2, 2014

ORA-01017: invalid username/password issue when clicked on Database lookup in ODC

Problem Description: When the user clicks in Database Lookup button in Oracle Document Capture it throws “Invalid username and password” error.

Below is the error.

Problem Solution: This problem is occurring due to wrong ODC database credentials. Below are the steps to be followed to resolve this issue.
1.      Open the Oracle Document Capture click on “Admin” then “File Cabinet”.

2.      After clicking on File Cabinet, Expand each profile and goto Database Lookups and then click on Configure button. For example in the below screen shot we have 2 profiles INVSupplemental and Supplier Documents with Database Lookups, click on the profile names ( Example: Invoice_Suppliers and Suppliers).Then click on “Configure” button on the right side bottom.

3.      Provide the valid Database credentials like Data Source name, Username and Password, and then click on Test Connection, if the Username and Password is valid “Connection Successful” message is displayed.

4.      We need to close the ODC completely and again open it to apply the changes made.

5.      Now if the user clicks on Database lookup button in Oracle Document Capture no error is displayed. 

Thanks to Shakeel Shaikh for today's article!

Have a good day all!