Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep Current! - WebCenter Patches as of 2014/06/03

Hey all, 

In an effort to help everyone stay current, we're going to post some preferred patches on a regular schedule. This way, you'll have a single place to find all of the updated cumulative patches (MLRs, ARUs, Bundle Patches, etc) for the month.

Please be sure to let me know if there's any other patches that should be included on this list. The current format has the support recommended installs in bold & underlined, but there are some other nice-to-know patches included as well. These nice-to-know patches may not be necessary for your particular installation.

The formatting may change over time, but hopefully this is helpful!

** As always, please be sure to do your own due diligence before applying any patch. This list is for reference only.

Oracle Patches[1]

·       14538406 – 2012/09/17 – ODC Patch 4 for (cumulative)
·       16312671 - 2013/02/15 – CPUAPR2013 Oracle Document Capture (ActiveX IE killbit to prevent certain ActiveX controls; verify before installing!)
WEC (Capture 11g)
·       18382041 – 2014/04/15 – Cumulative Capture Patch NUMBER 4
·       13882540 – 2012/04 – Critical Patch Update
·       13548500 – 2011/12/30 – Registry fix for searching for vendors with identical addresses
·       11813845 – 2011/02 - OFR Patch 1 (not cumulative)
·       12692984 – 2011/06 – OFR Patch 2 (not cumulative)
·       12372094 – 2011/04/27 – (updated ODC macros)

WebCenter Content Patches

· (ADF UI)
o    18794093 –  2014/05 – WCCADFUI cumulative patch NUMBER 2
o    18503310–  2014/04 –Fix the ADF UI Issues on WCC
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o    18448219 – 2014/04 – MLR05
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o    18423641– 2014/04 - MLR05
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o    17925241 – 2014/02 – MLR18
o    18762334  2014/05 – OIT cumulative patch
o   17649006 – Error on processing scheduled event: NOTIFICATIONOFEXPIRATION

WebCenter Content Imaging Patches
o    18498799 – 2014/04/15 - CUMULATIVE IPM/AXF PATCH NUMBER 5
o    18605006 – 2014/04/15 - CUMULATIVE IPMREPOSITORY PATCH NUMBER 2
o    18557177 – 2014/04/21 - CUMULATIVE IPM/AXF PATCH NUMBER 12
o    17056936 – 2013/07/21 - CUMULATIVE EBS PATCH NUMBER 1
o    16403418 – 2013/03/12 - CUMULATIVE FUSION APPS PATCH NUMBER 1
o    18629185 – 2014/04/21 - CUMULATIVE IPMREPOSITORY PATCH NUMBER 3
o    18694194 – 2014/05/01 - CUMULATIVE IPM/AXF PATCH NUMBER 28
o    17057174 – 2013/07/05 - CUMULATIVE EBS PATCH NUMBER 5
o    16547732 – 2013/03/29 - CUMULATIVE FUSION APPS PATCH NUMBER 4
o    18336884 – 2014/03/03 - CUMULATIVE IPMREPOSITORY PATCH #4
BAM Patches
·       (No cumulative patch threads could be found, but many one-off patches exist)

·       (nine new one-off patches since last month)
·       14491485
o    Bug #14491485

SOA Manager Patches
·       (Note that there are many one-off patches available)

o    18072286 – 2014/04/15 – Bundle Patch
o    17584181 – 2013/10/31 – Bundle Patch (Use this if using the Imaging Solution)
o    18106242 – HOTFIX for BUG: Custom view works but fails on edit after fix for bug 18025182
o    16702086 – 2013/11/05 – Bundle Patch

** Note that there are multiple “merge request” patches per SOA release; they do not appear to be cumulative; please research and download as applicable for your version
WLS Patches
·       10.3.6
o    18040640– TSF1 - 2014/04/15 – WLS Patch Set Update
* Note that WLS has many one-off patches and “merge request” patches; please research and download as applicable for your version
WebCenter Portal

o    18085041 – 2014/04/15 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    Upcoming – 2014/07/15 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    16761779 – 2013/07/23 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    16269470 – 2013/07/23 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch
o    14823234 – 2013/07/23 – WebCenter Portal Bundle Patch

o    17328920 – 2013/09/25 – Content Presenter throws stuck thread and OOM when UCM returns many profiles

** Note that there are many one-off and “merge request” patches per Portal release; they do not appear to be cumulative; please research and download as applicable for your version

[1] http://support.oracle.com *requires a valid support agreement to download patches


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