Friday, April 13, 2012

Sena Sound Bites -- Relaunch!

Hey all,

As you have probably seen, the posts over the last twelve months have been... few and far between. That is about to come to a halt. We at SENA are re-dedicating our efforts to the community.

There are many great resources available on the Oracle site from forums to documentation. Those sites are great first resources for anyone facing a current problem, but there are less resources available for shared knowledge. There are a number of blogs out there as well as Oracle's Sample Code site, and we want to share our knowledge as well.

We want to bring to the table everything from toolbox-level knowledge, for example, the types of things that you know, but might not have memorized (e.g., is it dCollectionID or xCollectionID??) to some basic RIDC commands (see Meghna's recent post:

We also want to continue showing off some lesser known features of WebCenter Content ( as well as some different uses for common features (see William's post:

But, we don't want to only focus on tips & tricks, we will also bring you some Best Practices to be used for development and project management. We have a queue of specific topics, but we will also work in some reoccurring topics. Other common posts will be around learned during our day-to-day activities as well as common errors will be explained and reviewed.

The publishing schedule will target at least one post every two to four weeks. This way we believe we can strike a good balance between our paying responsibilities and our community efforts. :)

Again, thanks for sticking with us! Be sure that there is more good stuff to come!