Friday, December 4, 2015

WebCenter Forms Recognition has been Released!

WebCenter Forms Recognition has recently been released:

This release includes an updated AP project (1007G). This project includes a number of enhancements:

Language Support

This release of the AP Packaged Project supports processing invoices in Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

A new subclass of the Invoices class, called Invoice_CN, has been introduced for processing Chinese-language invoices. The new subclass also has a further subclass called Invoice_CN2. These new subclasses also have pre-trained learnsets associated with them.

Note that these new subclasses will not be migrated to an earlier version of the project if the Project Migration tool is used to upgrade it. It is strongly recommended that where multi-byte language documents are being processed, a separate project be used for each language. In this case, a new instance of version 1007G of the AP Packaged Project should be implemented, which will already include the subclasses mentioned above.

General Extraction

Enhanced recognition of negative amounts & quantities at line item and invoice header level.

Additional Fields

A new extraction field, called HST, has been added to capture harmonized sales tax for Canadian invoices.

A corresponding new parameter has been added to the project configuration (.ini) file to activate this field. See Section 4.5: TAX Section for further information.

User Interface

The Vendor Search results dialog in Verifier now includes a horizontal scroll bar.

Material Line Pairing

Material line pairing has been enhanced so the system will attach a higher level of confidence to instances where, post line pairing, only one unpaired invoice line and only one unused purchase order line item remains.

User Exits

The following user exits have been added. Refer to the comments within the individual script events in the Designer application for details about when each user exit is called:

  • UserExitAppendWorkdoc
  • UserExitBatchClose
  • UserExitBatchOpen
  • UserExitCheckBankAccount
  • UserExitCompanyCodeValidate
  • UserExitFocusChanged
  • UserExitMoveDocument
  • UserExitPostImport
  • UserExitPostImportBatch
  • UserExitPreClassify
  • UserExitPreClassifyAnalysis
  • UserExitProcessBatch
  • UserExitScriptModuleInitialize
  • UserExitUpdateSystemSecurity

The OCR page count recorded in the AP Project Reporting tables now accounts for multiple reads of the same document.

Oracle AP Features

The OracleAP script class, that was present in version 1007CA, has been removed, and the script has been moved to the GlobalVariables script class. All features included in the previous version of the project continue to be available in this release. The following new features have also been added:

  • Separator Page Detection for Supporting Documents
  • Export Custom Unit of Measure Value to XML
  • Force Validation of Documents Using Custom Invalid Reasons
  • Format Line Items in XML for the E-Business Suite Open Interface
Refer to Section 3.2: Solution Features of the Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition AP Project Guide for full details of these new features.


The Verifier output format for dates can now be configured to use the YYYY-MM-DD format. This is configured in the DAT section of the project configuration (.ini) file.

There have also been a number of defect fixes and ini configuration file updates.