Thursday, February 20, 2014

Changing the default admin password within the imaging solution

This post covers some of the locations where the change of default admin password is impacted in the Oracle imaging environment. This is assumed that we have used this user for universal integration among servers (which we may not recommend for production environments).

1.1      CSF Key

To modify the value of the existing value, follow these steps.

1.       Login to enterprise manager http://{host}:7001/em/
2.       Use administrator credentials, e.g. Weblogic
3.       From left panel, expand “Weblogic Domain”
4.       Right click on domain e.g. wci_domain
5.       Traverse {ipm domain} -> “Security” -> “Credentials”
6.       This page will show available csf maps. keys
6.1.     From the list select “basic.credential” key and click on “Edit”. Fill in the proper values in the popup.
6.2.     Click on OK buttons

1.2      ODC commit profile

1.       Start ODC
2.       Go to Admin – File Cabinets
3.       In each file cabinet commit profile using the I/PM 11g Commit Driver, click 'Configure' to access the Commit Driver properties
4.       In the configuration details page for Commit Driver, update the password
5.       Click on Ok

1.3      EBS Adaptor Configuration

1.       Connect to APPS schema.
2.       Here we need to execute below commands.
3.       The SOAP store password is in the vault. It can be changed by executing the following command (with the updated credentials):
execute fnd_vault.put('AXF', '{USERNAME}', '{PASSWORD}');

1.4      Changing in (if used)

1.      Login to Bali server using putty or winscp.
2.      Go to directory- $DOMAIN_DIR/servers/AdminServer/security    
Where the boot. properties file is located for Admin Server (Weblogic)
3.      Edit the boot. properties file
a.      modify the file as follows, with the updated credentials:


b.      These credentials are encrypted on the next start of the server
4.      Restart the server to verify the changes
5.      Repeat for all servers using the file

Thanks to Vikrant Korde for today's post!


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