Thursday, October 24, 2013

Email Notification with SOA Suite 11g

Thanks to Moumi M. for today's post!

Oracle SOA Suite 11g supports a number of different notification channels through the User Messaging Service (UMS). This blog provides a step-by-step guide for configuring and testing email notification. Before Enterprise Manager can send e-mail notifications, you must first specify the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) servers to be used by the notification system. Once email notification has been configured, emails can be sent from SOA Suite components such as BPEL processes and Human Tasks. It is useful for the business case scenario where any invoice will send to Rescan or Supplier Maintenance group for further approval processes, users are assigned under Rescan or Supplier Maintenance group , get an email-notification after configuring the below mentioned steps.

Configuring Email Notification

To support email notification from SOA Suite 11g the UMS email driver and workflow notification properties to be configured with the mail server details. This can be done through the Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control console (e.g. http://<hostname>:7001/em) as follows:

1.     First we need SMTP server details, not IMAP.

2.     Navigate to the Email Driver Properties page available under User Messaging Service > usermessagingdriver-email

3.     Update the following properties according to your mail server configuration:
OutgoingMailServer - The SMTP hostname (i.e.,
OutgoingMailServerPort - The SMTP port (i.e., 25)
OutgoingMailServerSecurity - The type of security (i.e., None)
OutgoingUsername - The mail user account
OutgoingPassword - The mail user password (Type -> Use ClearText Password)

4.     Click Apply to save the changes.

5.     Right-click on soa-infra under SOA and navigate to the Workflow Notification Properties page available under SOA Administration

6.     Set the Notification Mode to 'Email' and enter the default values which you wish to use for from, actionable and reply to email addresses.
7.     Click Apply to save the changes to the workflow notification properties.
8.     Restart the SOA server for the changes to take effect. If you are using Gmail or any other mail server that requires SSL you will need to perform extra before restarting the server.

Testing Email Notification

Now that we have configured outbound email notification, we want to test our configuration easily without having to create a BPEL process or human task to do this. Fortunately, we can do this from Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.

1.     Right-click on soa-infra under SOA and navigate to the Human Workflow page available under Service Engines.

2.     Select the Notification Management tab.
2.1.   Click Send Test Notification

2.2.   The Send Test Notification dialog box should now appear. Enter the email subject, content, to address and be sure to select 'Email' for the channel. Click Send. Once the email has been sent, you should receive a value of 'SENT' for Response. You can now close the dialog box.

3.     Ensure that the email has been received.

4.     Other way to cross-check the status of the mail after right-click usermessagingserver (soa-server1) > Message Status, same way user can again check if the message was sent or not.
5.     When assigned user receives an email, he must click on the ‘Imaging Application’ link and check the proper solution namespace is configured and that will redirect to proper Tasklist Login Page.


If you encounter an issue with the outgoing email notification, it is a good idea to check the SOA server log for error messages. There are log files available at:

·         DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<soa server name>/logs/<soa server name>-diagnostic.log

 Thanks everyone! Thanks Moumi!


  1. We are troubleshooting an issue where the From address is always in the outgoing email addresses, even when the From address is explicitly set in the BPEL process. Our understanding was that setting the From in the BPEL would override the Default, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any ideas?

  2. We are troubleshooting an issue where the From address is always in the outgoing email addresses, even when the From address is explicitly set in the BPEL process. Our understanding was that setting the From in the BPEL would override the Default, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any ideas?

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  4. How can I configure Email/SMS notification settings during human task assignment?

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