Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tip of the Day: Finding a Link Between a BPM Worklist and an Enterprise Manager Instance ID

Problem Description
I want to trace the instance of BPM worklist in Enterprise manager console.

Using the search option available in the BPM worklist, we can easily search for a specific instance in a BPM worklist. But, if it is faulted, then how can we trace its corresponding instance in Enterprise manager console?

BPM Worklist

Enterprise Manager Console

Work around:

I tried printing instance ID in BPM worklist using a form, but there is no direct correlation of the BPM worklist instance id the instance ID from Enterprise Manager.

The other way is to look at the date-time stamp, but it is really painful process to track the exact instance in Enterprise Manager.

Better work around:

The following query provides insight and additional information from the BPM worklist:

FROM wftask
WHERE TASKNUMBER = <task_number>;

--- The <task_number> is the task number of BPM worklist. Using this you can easily locate the composite instance for a given task number.

This query provides the COMPOSITEINSTANCEID which is instance ID of PROCESSNAME and PROCESSVERSION. This information can be used to find the matching instance in EM console under soa-infra -> default -> PROCESSNAME[PROCESSVERSION]

In addition to this, the INSTANCEID can be used to track down the instance in right click on soa_infra -> Service Engines -> BPEL. In the screen click on “Instances” tab. Enter the value in this and you will get the instance and other details.


I am still looking for the easier way to trace EM instance from BPM task.

Thanks to Vikrant Korde for today's tip!

Thanks all,


  1. Thanks Ryan and Vikrant, for the information. This has been really helpful.

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