Friday, February 1, 2013

While You Were Sleeping -- New Oracle WebCenter-Imaging Patches

In the middle of the night, while you were sleeping, Oracle has released a couple of new patch sets for the WebCenter-Imaging product, version  They are as follows with some details as to what they fix:

  • 16244026: IPM/AXF Patchset 10
    • Bug 16243790 - AXF EBS R12 adapter doesn't differentiate between balance segments and other types of segments.  This change also requires 16245122.
    • Bug 16051792 -The GetDocumentPermissions service is being called too many times (part 3 of a multi-part fix).
    • Bug 14822845 - When using the URL Tool, ExecuteSearch, the link generated by the eMail button on the search results screen givs the wrong results when executed.  This also affects Image Searching from PeopleSoft as this utilizies this URL tool.
    • Bug 14137629 - When creating a text annotation, the font is too small.  The default font will now be Arial, point size 12.
  • 16245122: EBS Patchset 3
    • Bug 16243790 - AXF EBS R12 adapter doesn't differentiate between balance segments and other types of segments.

Also, they have released the following patch for version

  • 16262772: IPM/AXF Patchset 15
    • Bug 10271381 - Error on import application where it fails to import.
    • Bug 10644977 - An issue in AXF where the Auto Task mode fails when using the Enumeration Picker.
    • Bug 11663155 - Basic viewer can fail when attempting to render an image via URL without the size of the image in the URL.
    • Bug 11780032 - A SQL Syntax Error Exception is being recored sometimes when attempting to search by a Date field.
    • Bug 11893266 - The Goto Page Number box is empty when attempting to view 2 pdfs both of which are over 10 pages long and you are on the last page of the second one.
    • Bug 11934578 - Remove warning when attempting to work on a AXF project in JDeveloper.
    • Bug 11934646 - Remove the requirement of an Account Code when using EBS12 for Account Distribution
    • Bug 11934679 - Change the Segment Editor to initilize segments with default values.
    • Bug 11934687 - Chagne the Segment lookup to respect Segment Dependency models.

Have a good day!


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