Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Clean up Old RTS Instance and machine Name in OFR Runtime Service

Problem Statement:
OFR Runtime Service always saves the previously configured settings like Machine Name and RTS Instance Name
Sometimes the Batches cannot pick by Runtime Service and if we delete the previously configured Machine Name and RTS instance, though it is deleted, same machine name and RTS Instance appeared.
 Use Following steps to delete the previously configured data-
Many times we want to create the RTS Instance and Machine Name but OFR Runtime Services fail to create that-(Example Image-Runtime Services fails to add RTS Instance and Machine Name)
        Go to Oracle Form Recognition (OFR) Installation file
For Windows 7- C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Forms Recognition
For Windows XP- C:\Program Files \Oracle\Forms Recognition

Go to Bin Folder

   Go to Log Folder
     All Configured settings getting save in this folder

      Delete All Files so that previously configured settings are removed
Now we can configure new required RTS Instance and Machine Name

Currently Log Folder is empty as we removed all the configured files
Start Oracle Form Recognition (OFR) Monitor Service before creation of RTS Instance and Machine Name When we create Machine and RTS instance each time this Log file is populated

Log file is populated again
      Now we can capture Batches using Oracle Form Recognition (OFR) Runtime Service without any conflicts
Click Save Settings button when we want to save all the configured settings while closing OFR Runtime Service