Friday, October 5, 2012

Get the Message? Make WebCenter Content 11g Display Errors Like Earlier Versions Did...

One of the most irritating things in WCC 11g is the lack of a meaningful error message when something goes wrong. 

Whenever you get this wonderful message:

“The error was caused by an internally generated issue. The error has been logged.” 

This message is followed by – NOTHING!  C’mon Oracle.  How would the user ever know what may have happened?  Worse yet, if the Content Server is fronted by Apache/OHS, you may get an ugly OHS error message that looks even worse.

I wonder how many times help desk requests are filed with this message as the only “error” noted.  (Sure, “somebody” can look at the Content Server log, but is this really necessary?)

You can actually make the Content Server behave like previous versions, where the user actually got something meatier to send back to the help desk.
In config.cfg, set the following variables and restart the managed server:


These two variables put the error trace on the error page that Content Server throws back to the user.  I didn’t say all of the messages returned are useful, but at least it’s better than nothing.

To keep from getting that ugly OHS error message for a Content Server generated issue, set the following in config.cfg and restart the managed server.  This will let OHS show the actual Content Server error page, rather than the OHS handler.

HttpSevereErrorFirstLine=HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request