Monday, June 11, 2012

Declaring Records in 11g Like 10g and Earlier

With the 11g release of WebCenter Records (formerly Universal Records Management),
the definition of a “record” is now much blurrier than in previous versions of the

While the new flexibility is nice, sometimes there is a desire to make sure that an item
really can’t get changed when it gets to a certain point – like when the “Is Record” box
in 10g and earlier was explicitly checked. Without that declaration, an item could still
be edited or otherwise manipulated.

A use case for “locking” such an item usually occurs when a policy or a contract is
being created. The document goes through several iterations of revision, and finally,
the last revision should be declared a “record”.

In 11g, the “Is Record” isn’t exposed on a checkin or update page. However, you can
still get the same functional result with a bit of configuration.

  1. In config.cfg, enable the following setting (RmaEnableFixedClone=true), and restart the managed server
  2. Once the system is restarted, go to the retention category where the document resides.
  3. “Browse”the category and find the item to be declared a record
  4. Under the “Actions” menu, select “Content Actions --> Create Fixed Clone”.

  1. The following dialog appears.
  2. Complete the options in the dialog. You will have to select the correct category where the cloned item will reside. Browse to the correct category, and then select “OK”. You will be returned to the document info page for the original item.
  3. Go to the retention category where the cloned item was placed. The following entry should appear. Depending on the system configuration, an icon may appear as shown.
  4. Clicking the info icon, and viewing the document information page shows the item as non-editable, non-deletable, and non-revisable. (If the entire metadata set for the item was displayed, the value for xIsRecord is now set to “1”).

Note that this technique only works with electronic content. Items managed by Physical Content Management are not affected by cloning.