Thursday, April 19, 2012

ODC: Oracle Document Capture - Patch 3

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note to say that the Oracle Document Capture Patch #3 has been released this week.

It's available via support patch number 12977125.

Here's the list of enhancements:

ID: Description:

8930677  SSL support has been added to the Import Server Email Provider via the SSL EasyMail plug-in.

12394097  The Import Server Email provider can now recognize .TIF files attached to email messages.

12966982  The Import Server email provider can now use TLS protocol when connecting to an email server with TLS enabled.

12989098  Users can now change the port that Import Server uses to communicate via IMAP.

13498323  Administrators can now define a file prefix in the commit-to-text profile settings.

Here is a list of the bugs addressed:

ID: Description:

7266098  An issue in Scan for ISIS and Scan for Adrenaline in which pressing CTRL+P or CTRL+N sometimes moved 2 previous or 2 next pages instead of 1 has been resolved.

7266950  For ease in managing Capture pick-list values, the cursor now returns to the Commit Value field after you add a pick-list value.

7320912  A Batch Manager issue in which unexpected results occurred after pressing Shift-F10 with no batches selected has been resolved.

7394408  An indexing issue in which a date field's value is cleared when there are hidden auto-populate fields has been resolved.

7519747  An issue in which the Commit Text File driver created output containing double backslash characters (\\) instead of single (\) has been resolved.

7666729 An issue where Recognition Server patch code information was not saved to page information when no bar codes were detected has been resolved.

8294869  An Oracle WebCenter Capture indexing issue related to double key entry was discovered: when completing the last index field on the last page of a document, the double key entry required three entries. This issue has been resolved.

8304735  An issue was resolved in which no error was returned when the text file commit driver failed to create a PDF Image Only file after a field used to create the file name was removed.

9024718  An issue in which committing a document to Searchable PDF left a 0 byte file in the local user's temp folder has been resolved.

9280060 An issue with Import, Recognition, and Commit Servers not always reconnecting to the SQL Server database upon reboot has been resolved.

9323204  An issue in which a batch containing only separator sheets was not deleted by Commit Server has been resolved.

9395850  An issue in which copying and pasting an indexed batch within the same file cabinet in Batch Manager dropped index values has been resolved.

9438508  An issue with non-English characters in Capture profiles incorrectly exporting and importing into Capture has been resolved.

9564044  A Scan for ISIS error that occurred when importing a TIF file and setting a 0 degree rotation has been resolved.

9581403 When a partial commit occurs to Oracle I/PM Context, the Oracle I/PM 10g commit driver now rolls back the document that was partially created.

9669389  An issue in which committing a document containing more than 50 color JPG images to PDF Image Only or PDF/A failed to generate the PDF has been resolved.

9768548  A Scan for ISIS issue in which 'e' and 'o' characters were removed from documents when the Remove Punch Holes option was selected has been resolved.

10046399  Several East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) erroneously included in the list of supported OCR languages have been removed.

10251997 An issue with Import, Recognition, and Commit Servers not reconnecting after the connection to an Oracle database is lost has been resolved.

10255065  A Scan for ISIS issue in which a configured blank page byte threshold was not working correctly has been resolved.

10273974 An issue in which Import Server fails to import an Excel spreadsheet containing a blank sheet has been resolved. 

10390831 An issue in which Recognition Server running on a virtual machine reports an error that a valid NIC was not found has been resolved.

10415394 An issue in which Import Server imported only the first page of a multi-page Tif file (with no errors returned) has been resolved.

10628866 Redundant calls to refresh file cabinets have been eliminated for the Import Server.

11069325 An Oracle I/PM 10g commit driver error that occurred when committing color images to a network batch path containing a period has been resolved.

11657420 An issue in which commit settings to generate PDF/A documents resulted in PDF Image Only documents that were not PDF/A compliant has been resolved.

11668775  An issue in which Import Server failed to import a document when a TIFF Packbits option was selected for its non-image output format has been resolved.

11769464 A log entry reported each time Import Server discovered an empty folder noting an invalid or empty path has been suppressed. 

11887036  A runtime error that occurred when copying and pasting more than 75 pages in the Indexing component has been resolved.

11902313  An issue in which Recognition Server was unable to read barcode 128 if other barcodes were also selected for recognition has been resolved. 

12347340  A connection error that occurred with multiple Commit Servers accessing the same Oracle WebCenter Capture database has been resolved.

12398608  An Index issue in which dragging thumbnails during indexing sometimes resulted in a runtime error has been resolved. 

12582875  An issue in which an Import Server IMAP SSL connection was lost when an email took more than 60 seconds to process has been resolved.

12638517  An issue in which an Oracle WebCenter Capture upgrade did not overwrite older manifest files has been resolved.

12766813  An issue with converting color PDF images to grayscale has been resolved.

12779080  An issue with patch 12540290 failing install when the Import Server is not installed has been resolved. 

12791457  An issue in which the commit prompt did not appear after completing batch indexing has been resolved. 

12801652  A runtime error 13 (type mismatch) that displayed when reviewing batches in Scan for ISIS has been resolved.

12842168  An Oracle UCM 10g commit issue in which an error stopped commit processing when error handling options were set to <NONE> has been resolved.

12883668  An Oracle I/PM 10g commit issue in which a commit profile configured for process integration failed to save has been resolved.

12903101  An issue in which grayscale LZW tiff images are read in as completely black images has been resolved.

12940014  A Type MisMatch error (13) that occurred when reviewing batches in Scan for Adrenaline has been resolved.

12972280  An error in which Batch Manager did not automatically refresh the batch list after a batch was copied and pasted to the same file cabinet has been resolved

13005265  An issue in which Scan for ISIS reserves the scanner defined for the first profile listed even when another scan profile is selected has been resolved.

13020071  An issue in which Recognition Server did not read certain barcodes in version has been resolved.

13036553  A Failure to Persist Batch error that occurred when the scanner was unplugged and an OFR scan macro was in use has been resolved.

13067986  An issue in which the autopopulate value was limited to less than the maximum index field length has been resolved.

13397102  An Import Server issue in which fields on the Folder/List File Provider tab were not displayed When using the UseOITToImport registry setting has been resolved.

13436667  An issue in which batch status in Recognition server changed, regardless of pages remaining, has been resolved.

13442165  An issue in which converting PDF files with text to TIF through Import Server (using Oracle Inside Out Technology) resulted in garbled text on TIF images has been resolved.

13578094  An issue has been resolved in which administrators could not manually add users in Capture Administration, when Domain security was used and the domain list was not populated.

13576855  An issue in which committing from Commit Server to Oracle IPM 11g in certain cases resulted in multiple javaw.exe instances has been resolved.

13631083  A Java issue encountered when running Recognition Server as a service was resolved by replacing RecognitionService.exe and CommitService.exe with ImportService.exe.

11896646  An issue with Oracle IPM commit driver configuration after applying the patch has been resolved.