Monday, October 15, 2012

Tips for OFR Configuration

         Checklist for OFR not picking up Batches
  1. Check the Import Directoryof ODC (Oracle Document Capture)while Configuring File Cabinets inside Commit Driver Configuration that ODC  Import folder path is same as OFR Import Directory
  2. ODC Import Directory in File Cabinet- 
  3. Ensure that Batch Root, Image Root and Export folder is set while configuring OFR
  4. Ensure that wait time is set
  5. Ensure that Import tab is enabled and that "Use Project File" (.sdp) has the correct path set inside OFR Import tab

  6. Ensure that Import Button is Enabled in Workflow tab

  7. Ensure that the .txt file extension is matched with the Import Mask set in the IPM Server

    • Login to IPM Server 
    • Expand Manage Inputs 
    • Select Correct Input (E.g., Invoices) 
    • Navigate to Basic Information link, ensure that correct *.txt file ix uploaded to IPM Server 
    • Select Next to complete settings 
    • Ensure that Input mask and delimiter is set 
    • Ensure that the sample data is correct according to the data set in sample. txt file
  8. Ensure that .XML file Extension is same as in .ini file


Checklist for OFR Verifier not picking up Batches

  1. Open the OFR Verifier Application
  2. Select Option --> Settings

  3. Ensure the Project File (.sdp) path, Batch Root path, and Image Root path is set correctly - These settings should be the same as the settings in the OFR Runtime service